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This site is for the benefit of the membership of the Beaumaris Yacht Club, a strictly private, family-oriented club located on Lake Muskoka, in Ontario, Canada.

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Our Origins

Beaumaris Yacht Club

The Club of today has its roots in the early 1900's. The Beaumaris Golf and Tennis Association was formed in 1911 by local cottagers (mostly from Pennsylvania at the time) to lease a 5-hole golf course and tennis courts from the nearby Beaumaris Hotel. A new clubhouse was built in 1912, and the golf course was expanded to 9 holes. New tennis courts were completed in 1916, and by 1919, the golf course had expanded to 18 holes.

At about the same time, the Beaumaris Yacht Club got its start. Originally founded (in about 1912) by US Congressman James Francis Burke, it operated as a sailing club until 1921. The BYC's present building was purchased in 1921, and the Club became a centre for social activities for the surrounding summer community.

Despite ups and downs resulting from changes in ownership, two world wars, and the Great Depression, the two "clubs" were consolidated in 1946, and today, the Beaumaris Yacht Club offers its membership a variety of activities including golf, tennis, weekly sailing races, and social entertainment. In addition to top-notch golf and tennis teaching professionals, the Club staff also provides instruction in sailing, swimming, and lifesaving.

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Beaumaris Land Company 

The Beaumaris Land Company (“BLC”) was formed on December 29, 1919 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by a group of businessmen to acquire land for an 18 hole golf course. The golf course was then leased to the Beaumaris Golf & Tennis Association (“BGT”).

The shareholders of the BLC were cottagers from Beaumaris who were interested in the promotion of outdoor sports and in the welfare of the Beaumaris summer colony generally and wished to support the new BGT financially.

Over the years the BLC acquired further property and constructed a clubhouse and a golf clubhouse for use by members of the Beaumaris Yacht Club (the “Club”), the successor to the BGT.

All of property which the BLC owns, with the exception of Willmott’s Store, is leased to the Club.




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